Challenge Dataset

Dataset contains digital recordings from da Vinci Xi robotic system, which is integrated the binocular endoscope, with a diameter of 8 mm (Intuitive Surgical Inc.). Two lenses—0° or 30°— were used. During different stages of the operation, the 30° lens can be used either looking up or down to improve visualisation. The videos used for this challenge are monocular.

Dataset is created from the four sessions of complete prostatectomy procedure performed by expert surgeons on real patients. The patients' consent was obtained for the recording as well as the distribution of the data. More details can be found in the SARAS ethics and data compliance document available at the link: dataset is divided into three sets: train, validation and test. Train and validation set will be released at the start of the challenge while test data will be released for the short test period for final result submission.

Training data contains a total of 22,601 annotated frames and contains 28,055 action instances. There are 21 different action classes in the dataset and each frame can have more than one action instance present. Also, these action instances can have overlapping bounding boxes.

Validation data contains 4,574 frames with 7,133 action instances present in total. The test data (although not being released yet), will contain 6,223 annotated frames with 11,565 action instances.

Samples from dataset:

Dataset download

Once you are registered with this challenge, you can download the training and validation dataset for the challenge from the Downloads page.